S Live Arizona

Promotional Tents for Teleco Company


During a major collegiate sporting event, Avalon Tent worked with one of the nation’s biggest telecommunications provider to set up promotional tents in multiple locations. This client has a major international presence and is known for providing both mobile and landline phone services.

Since this event would attract visitors from around the country, the client needed tents that would really promote their brand, but also be easy for visitors to move through. The tents needed to be large enough to hold both displays and large groups of people, but small enough that they would be relatively lightweight and portable. Eye-catching graphics were also very important for this event.

Avalon Tent provided two structures; one at the stadium where the event was held and another in a prominent urban area that received high foot traffic. The first structure was 15m x 15m x 3m, while the second structure was 6m x 13m x 3m. Both tents included printed logo walls for effective brand promotion.

Flying Bull

Custom Outdoor Tents for Engineering Competition


Avalon Tent created several structures for an event held by a major US government agency. The event is an annual competition for collegiate engineers that encourages environmentally friendly energy use. It draws visitors from all over the country, who watch teams compete in several different challenges.

Since this was a very prominent event, the client needed structures with very high standards of engineering. The event was held in a very large park and the client needed small to moderately sized structures throughout for visitors and competitors. The structures needed to be aesthetically appealing and they also needed to protect people from the sun.

The solution was to install several structures around the park in sizes of 12m and 9m. Many of these structures were created in custom shapes for the client. Many of the structures contained linings and clear tenting windows for a very professional look. The tents also had several open walls to allow visitors to pass in and out easily.

Monster Jam Tacoma

Entertainment Area for Monster Truck Convention


For a major monster truck event, Avalon Tent collaborated with a live entertainment and marketing company to create an open-air tenting structure for guests. This live racing event has been a touring attraction throughout the US and abroad for over ten years and has a following of thousands of people. Their parent entertainment company manages live and touring shows in a variety of genres.

At this event, the company needed a large tent that would allow guests to mingle throughout the event. The tent was placed next to the arena where the main event took place and visitors would pass by it to get to their seats. Since there was a high density of people attending the event, the structure needed to be secure.

The result was a huge structure, sizing 25m x 30m x 4m. The summit frame tent had high ceilings and no walls to fit as many people as possible. To ensure that the structure would stay in place throughout the event, it was secured with concrete blocks.

Rams Training Camp

Tents for Professional Football Training Camp


Avalon Tent created an athletic training camp for a major NFL football team. The training camp was held at a prominent state university over the summer. The team needed an extensive array of tents to support athletes, staff and spectators. After meeting with the team personnel, Avalon Tent submitted a bid and were awarded.

For this project, the football team needed a set of relatively small, open tents that would serve a variety of different purposes. They needed tents not only to keep the athletes cool, but also to provide a place for spectators as well as friends and family of the team. They also needed details that would help personalize the structures.

At the camp, Avalon Tent provided many 20 x 40 summit tenting structures. These were used for a variety of purposes, including a VIP booth, an autograph tent for fans, a media compound and a team workout area for the athletes to use. The structures were completed with custom flags and table covers, which were created to match the team’s colors.

Mammoth WinterFest

Event Structure for Major US Ski Resort


Avalon Tent worked with one of the most popular ski resorts in the western United States to create an event space that was used for their annual Festival of Lights. The resort hosts thousands of skiers and snowboarders every year and their lodging village is a renowned vacation destination during both the winter and summer.

For this structure, the resort needed something that would be fairly large, in order to accommodate guests moving in and out. It also needed to show off the beautiful mountain scenery in the area, while still keeping guests warm and comfortable in the snowy weather. Finally, it needed to provide a comfortable and cozy ambiance for vacationers.

Avalon Tent constructed a structure that was 15m x 20m x 3m. The front of the structure was made of clear tenting materials to provide the effect of floor-to-ceiling windows. The structure had its own heating system, as well as staff employed to keep snow off the roof. The inside of the structure was outfitted with chandeliers and swag lighting, as well as a cocktail area for guests to lounge.

Buzz Engine

Custom VIP Tents for Video Game Conference


Avalon Tent created a custom tent for a prominent events marketing company. This tent was for a major entertainment and video game conference, which attracted many people from around the world. The company needed a VIP section to promote new games and gaming equipment.

With this VIP tent, the marketing company needed a structure that was relatively small but comfortable and that could support high foot traffic. It also needed a lighting setup that would show off their gaming system appropriately. As an added touch for visual marketing, they also needed the tent to display their logo.

As a solution, Avalon Tent created a 6m x 12m tent that had double doors, ramps and flooring. The interior was lined with black-out fabric. The exterior of the tent also featured the necessary logos. The tent was featured in a prominent position in the conference, attracting many VIP visitors.

El Nino Tents

Emergency Response Tents for Rain and Flooding


In December of 2015, Avalon Tent was awarded a project with the City of San Francisco, aimed at helping to provide the homeless with shelter and warmth during inclement weather. This was particularly important, as it was an El Nino year in California and there were frequent instances of rain and strong winds. As one of the most densely populated cities in the US, San Francisco has a significant homeless population that would have had no place to go during these weather events.

Initially, the city needed six Clearspan structures, each of which were going to be 20m x 40m x 3m. Each structure needed flooring, several sets of doors and lighting. They needed to be large enough to handle a significant amount of residents during this time and they also needed to be able to protect these temporary residents from the elements.

In the end, the scope of the project changed and Avalon Tent built two structures, one at 15m x 30m, and another at 20m x 80m x 3m. In addition to providing the necessary lighting and flooring, Avalon Tent also included heating solutions, as well as a temporary fence. The structures were put up at the beginning of the winter and were removed in July of 2016.


Temporary Workspace for Government Agency


Avalon Tent was awarded a contract with one of the largest engineering companies in America, who were collaborating with a government agency to create a temporary work space. The engineering company is one of the largest in the US and has a focus on creating infrastructure solutions. They selected Avalon Tent from a competitive range of bidders.

The government agency needed a large space of over 14,000 square feet for mail sorting purposes. In addition to the structure, this temporary warehouse needed ramps to support carts, as well as ADA compliant entryways. They also needed an infrastructure that was appropriate for a long-term work space, even though the warehouse was temporary.

The result for this project was a clearspan structure, which was 30m x 45m x 4m. Avalon Tent also designed rampways with railings, as well as large double doors to accommodate mail sorting carts and bins. The structure also had a fire alarm system, HVAC unit, temporary restrooms and temporary power distribution. Although it was originally planned for just a six month rental, the project lasted for over a year.