In December of 2015, Avalon Tent was awarded a project with the City of San Francisco, aimed at helping to provide the homeless with shelter and warmth during inclement weather. This was particularly important, as it was an El Nino year in California and there were frequent instances of rain and strong winds. As one of the most densely populated cities in the US, San Francisco has a significant homeless population that would have had no place to go during these weather events.

Initially, the city needed six Clearspan structures, each of which were going to be 20m x 40m x 3m. Each structure needed flooring, several sets of doors and lighting. They needed to be large enough to handle a significant amount of residents during this time and they also needed to be able to protect these temporary residents from the elements.

In the end, the scope of the project changed and Avalon Tent built two structures, one at 15m x 30m, and another at 20m x 80m x 3m. In addition to providing the necessary lighting and flooring, Avalon Tent also included heating solutions, as well as a temporary fence. The structures were put up at the beginning of the winter and were removed in July of 2016.