Avalon Tent worked with one of the most popular ski resorts in the western United States to create an event space that was used for their annual Festival of Lights. The resort hosts thousands of skiers and snowboarders every year and their lodging village is a renowned vacation destination during both the winter and summer.

For this structure, the resort needed something that would be fairly large, in order to accommodate guests moving in and out. It also needed to show off the beautiful mountain scenery in the area, while still keeping guests warm and comfortable in the snowy weather. Finally, it needed to provide a comfortable and cozy ambiance for vacationers.

Avalon Tent constructed a structure that was 15m x 20m x 3m. The front of the structure was made of clear tenting materials to provide the effect of floor-to-ceiling windows. The structure had its own heating system, as well as staff employed to keep snow off the roof. The inside of the structure was outfitted with chandeliers and swag lighting, as well as a cocktail area for guests to lounge.