Benefits of Using Temporary Structures


If your company is planning an event, an expansion or a new project, one of the first questions you will need to address is the space you are going to use. Many people overlook temporary structures, instead going for costly building expansions or rentals. Temporary structures are a very time and cost efficient way to make more space for your operations and they can be used in virtually any industry, from entertainment to construction. Here are some of the benefits of temporary structures.

Temporary structures can be installed very quickly.
Instead of having to wait for a new permanent space to be constructed, which can take months or even years, a temporary structure can be put up in just a day or two with an installation team. This is because there is no foundation that needs to be set up and the structures are designed specifically to be relatively light and movable. If you need to put together an event in a short amount of time or you need extra space for an emergency project, a temporary structure such as a tent or Clearspan structure is the perfect solution. You can also rent the structures for as long as you need, which reduces time constraints.

Temporary structures are highly customizable.
Unlike permanent buildings, which are very costly to design and put together, you can easily add custom features to a temporary structure to suit you needs. Many structures have the capacity for heating and cooling systems, doors and ramps, custom lighting and more. The final look is very clean and utilitarian, which is ideal for many different purposes. Temporary structures can be used for everything from warehouses to work spaces to athletic and entertainment venues. With some creativity, you can use a temporary structure for just about anything.

Temporary structures are financially efficient.
In the long run, using a temporary structure instead of building a new office or event space will save you huge amounts of money, while still providing you with the space you need. This is because you won’t incur the same design, material or labor costs that you would with a new building. They are also much more inexpensive to rent than a permanent building in most cases.

Avalon Tent offers a huge variety of temporary structures in customizeable shapes and sizes. These range from large Clearspan structures to smaller frame tents. We also offer tenting accessories. Contact us for a consultation to see how a temporary tenting structure can help your company do more.