Using Event Marketing to Boost Your Business

Entertainment and Social Events

In today’s competitive business climate, it can be difficult to find a marketing strategy that makes your business stand out. A very effective technique that is often overlooked is event marketing. Whether you are hosting an event yourself or attending something like a local fair or industry convention, event marketing gives you a way to connect with your target customers in a way that is fun, unique and most importantly, face-to-face. If you’ve never considered it, here’s why you should get out there and plan your first event.

  • The biggest and most obvious benefit of using an event to promote your business is that you can easily win over hundreds of new customers on the day of. Consumers are intrigued by events and are often more open to trying new products and services when they are browsing through a local festival, for example. This gives you a very natural way to reach demographics that you otherwise might not.
  • Event marketing is also a great way to get media exposure for your brand. Community events tend to be covered by local newspapers, magazines and websites, and you may even get lucky enough to be featured in a larger publication. A great way to capitalize on this is by partnering with other brands or even some form of entertainment for your event. This will really boost your visibility.
  • At an event, you get to meet your customers in person, which is always a fun and exciting new experience. Connecting with your customers face-to-face is not only helpful for you, but it also leaves a great impression on them and creates stronger brand loyalty. If you do most of your sales online, this is a particularly good way to get out into your community. You’ll leave with amazing feedback and insight into your products that you can use for future improvements.
  • The benefits of hosting or attending an event will stay with your company for months to come. Customers are more likely to remember sensory experiences, like sights and sounds, so once they have interacted with your brand, they’ll want to come back to it. Your team will also leave with some fun memories and motivation to keep working even harder.

To put together a successful event, you’ll need a high-quality tent or structure to host it in. Avalon Tent has a great selection of frame tents, Clearspan structures, and tenting accessories. By customizing your structure, you can create a comfortable and professional atmosphere for your marketing event that will be sure to wow your guests.