Avalon Tent & Party is your quick, durable and reliable solution for your short to long term building storage solutions. We have vast experience providing temporary storage solutions for major manufacturers in a variety of industries. Our tents can be used to provide shelter during times of disaster or storage of specialty products. So whether you need temporary housing, storage of products, a temporary structure for exhibitions, or any of the other countless applications, we are there to help.

Expanding In The Industrial Arena!

Our tents are your perfect option. We can build any size and type of tent at varying heights and we have a selection of sidewall in solid vinyl, window wall or hardwall depending upon your situation. We can also provide the appropriate flooring, lighting, heat and/or cool the tent as well as any other rental equipment you may need. The advantages are endless including a much lower price per sq ft compared to convention buildings, short delivery terms and fast installations.

What Avalon Will Do For You.

One of our experienced and knowledgeable personnel will come to your site and make suggestions regarding the appropriate tent, flooring, lighting, HVAC or any other rental equipment you may need. From the site survey we will discuss the details of your needs and provide a detailed and complete quote. We will walk you through the process on paper prior to your installation. Whatever your ideas or needs, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our professional delivery team will arrive at your site and complete the installation on time. Our goal is to make sure the installation is done and we leave you with the promised solution.

View our photo gallery below to see tents, flooring, lighting, and more.