Events require more than just an amazing venue – you’ll also need finishing touches to pull everything all together. Avalon Tent offers a variety of rental equipment that you can use for many different types of events. We pride ourselves on our clearspan structures, and you can customize your space even more by adding the rental equipment that you need.  We have a variety of chairs, tables, flooring, lighting and more to make your tent more comfortable and functional.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner, planning a party or working on an industrial project, our rental equipment can help you cover all your bases. Avalon Tent and Party has all the rental equipment you need, conveniently located and economically priced. Contact us directly to find out how we can make your next event as simple, unique and easy as possible.


Carpet & Turf Rental

We offer a wide range of both turf and carpet options, to give your event the professional finish it deserves. From romantic weddings, to charity galas, nothing says high-end like custom fitted carpet to complete any tent.

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Chair Rentals

If you’re hosting a presentation, corporate dinner, wedding, or another social or business event, you’ll need chairs. We offer a selection ranging from classic and formal, to comfy and casual.

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Convention Equipment Rentals

For your next big convention, we offer rental accessories to take your space to the next level.

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Dance Floor Rentals

Give your guests a place to let loose with one of our dance floors. These are not only great for weddings, but also for galas and other big entertainment events.

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Fencing & Barricades Rental

If you’re hosting a large event or running an industrial project, fencing is a must-have to keep things running smoothly.

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Flooring Rentals

With options ranging from plastic lay-down sub-floors, custom sub-floor constructions and fully leveled decking, any parking lot or grassy field can be transformed into a stunning venue.

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Heating & Cooling Rentals

Whether your event is in the mountains or the desert, temperature control is essential for ensuring the comfortability of all guests.

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Lighting Rentals

We offer a wide variety of general high bay lighting, color-changing LED lights, and decorative string lights, to give your space just the style you are looking for.

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Power & Power Distribution Rentals

We offer a range of power options for your next event. Even if you are hosting an event during the day, you’ll still need power to keep everything running smoothly.

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Staging Rentals

Stages are an essential component of entertainment and business events. We are able to build stages using our many flooring options.

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Table Rentals

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, there’s a good chance you’ll need tables, either to work from or to host a meal. We have several different sizes and shapes of tables available.

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Umbrellas & Garden Equipment Rentals

Since many of our clients host outdoor events, we offer umbrellas and garden equipment to make your outdoor space just as beautiful as your indoor space.

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